After 5 years as a service based business owner, I pivoted into the digital product space and have spent the last 4 years learning the ins and outs of the passive profit business model. I’ve bootstrapped my way through figuring out email marketing, creating products, learning the psychology behind why people say yes and the copywriting techniques to make it happen. I’ve tested and tweaked sales funnels and through it all...

i just wished I could connect with other entrepreneurs like me to figure out how all this works.

That’s why I created The Digital Lab.

A community for Digital Business Owners who get it. Your all-access pass into my virtual office to connect, brainstorm, learn, get feedback, and see the realtime BTS of how I'm growing my 6 figure digital business to help you grow yours.

You don't have to
do this alone.

Mama of 4 running a 6-figure digital biz

This isn’t a place for pretty, polished content. 








The internet churns up information too quickly to keep up. This is a raw, unedited look into our thinking, processes, tools, and techniques. Results (good and bad) included. 

This is for people that want to learn in real time.

No theories here.

Watch products and brands being built from the ground up from someone that’s done it before. 

Build your brand alongside us as we take action.

In our leggings as pants with the kids in the background... this is real life. 😉

a few things i've done

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in my virtual office

pivoted in 2016 from service to product

After 2 years of blogging about what I was doing on the business side of my wedding planning biz and a couple dozen requests later from eager planners needing something similar, I turned my welcome packet, pricing guide, design look book, and printable client gifts into a suite of time-saving templates. I'll never forget that first passive sale!

generated multi-5 figures in sales and I officially caught the passive bug.

in my virtual office

launched website templates in 2018

My dear friend said, "I just wish I had your website from your wedding planning days!" I found Showit and the light bulb went off: I can create a line of website templates in my own signature bright and conversion nerdy style. At the time, Showit was photographer focused. I launched in Summer 2018 and everything changed...

over $60k in sales in the first 6 months and over $129k in sales in 2019.

in my virtual office

created my signature course in 2019

After speaking on the Creative at Heart stage about making your own rules in business and not letting fear hold you back, I turned the lesson on myself and did the thing I'd feared for years: Create a course. With my biz coach and besties cheering me on, I launched Websites that Convert in the Fall and the results blew me away. 

brought in over $26,000 in sales with no ads as a one-woman show.

in my virtual office

1 month in the digital lab...

The Digital Lab was born over coffee and not-homemade biscuits in one of many biz dreaming chats with Jeremy. The idea sparked and we launched in 6 days. Within 2 days, we grew to 100 members. Within the first month, we grew to over 240 members and counting. The community is like nothing I've seen before and I LOVE helping our members take action and make progress on their digital biz dreams, too!

you belong here!

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