You'll learn what passive profit is (and what it isn't), how to determine what to sell, how to validate your product ideas, my go-to tools for setting up shop, and finally understand sales funnels in plain English 🙌

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❓ What should I sell?⁣⁣
❓ How will I know someone will want it?⁣⁣
❓ Where should I start if I have no audience?
❓ What if I feel like a grandma with technology?
❓ How do I get people to buy without sounding like an internet cheese ball?⁣⁣
❓ Sales funnels say whattt? What is that and please someone, anyone just share how to actually build one in plain English!

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you're dreaming about adding digital products to the biz mix,

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I’ve been there. Right in your shoes. I pivoted from a 100% service based business in 2016 to the digital model selling templates, summits, and creating courses. I spent month after frustrating month trying to figure out the sales funnel system (and what the heck all these words mean) on my own.

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A no-fluff comprehensive guide and workbook to help you get a grip on creating digital revenue in your business. After 4 years experience in the digital biz game, I'm simplifying what you need to know to get started in the land of passive profit with confidence today.

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The lowdown on what makes a successful passive product. Never second guess what to sell again!

What the elusive sales funnel actually is and a complete breakdown of each step of the purchasing journey.

The exact plan I use to map out what to sell, how to sell it, & create automated systems to make money in my sleep...

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